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Flatting The American Internet

Everyone wants a decent wage, nice house and the all American dream but these days with the economy, it is becoming harder to live the American dream due to the recession, and an uncertain economy.

Millions of people are currently unemployed in America, many have found alternative ways to earn income and that is the American dream online. Because technology has advanced so much, this has opened the door for anyone, literally anyone to make money whether they offer a service, or sell items on eBay.

eBay is an auction house globally that allows it's users to list their items for auction for a small listing fee, the item that is sold is then shipped out and the owner of the item gets the money, amazingly people have made a lot of money selling their wares online. This adds to their income, gives them confidence that they are productive in society but it also gives them a chance to live the American dream.

There are several if not thousands of advertisements on the Internet offering 'at home' businesses. The positions vary from customer service, teachers, consultants, engineers and engineering consulting as well as writing, selling products, and literally anything you can think of is on the Internet.

Home based businesses have their pro's and con's, for example on eBay it is unpredictable whether a product will sell or not, hence the client has no idea on how much money he or she will be paid. However, home based businesses such as teaching and writing normally pays one flat fee, this allows the individual to determine an income based on hours worked and or articles or services rendered.

Home based businesses take a lot of dedication and thought just as in a real job, another disadvantage is the lack of social life, working at home can be difficult and lonely especially for single parents, as they have to stop and tend to their children. It can be lonely sitting in front of a computer all day but the more work done on the computer the more people can actually dream the American dream.