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What is SSH Access?
If you've recently plunged into the online-publishing wagon, you'll soon find out that the early stage of running a website is not that easy. To pull things through, you need to learn how things work in the different areas of web hosting and familiarize yourself with a lot of terms. However, a better way to deal with it is to set aside the less important things and instead focus your attention on the essentials like security.

By default, connection to the Internet is unprotected. If you go on and transfer your data over a non-secure connection, there's good chance that other people might see or worse, even get hold of your data. They could sell these information or benefit from them in ways that are disadvantageous to you. When this happens, you may end up losing valuable information or a handful of clients just because you failed to invest on security. You see, integrity is everything for consumers. Once they noticed that security is not your priority, they may choose not to trust your company.

Now that the Internet is considered to be a home sweet home to eavesdroppers and swindlers, you'll surely find reports about online frauds quite alarming. It's a good thing web developers have come up with innovative security solutions to fight off these scumbags and give you the ultimate peace of mind.

SSH Explained

Short for Secure Shell (a software developed at SSH Communications Security Ltd.), SSH is one of the most trusted names when it comes to data confidentiality and security. SSH provides web administrators a way to access their servers in a more secured way even when using a remote computer. Through an encrypted connection, SSH access allows you to log in to your account. This means that all data will be shown in an unreadable format, which makes it hard for hackers to get anything from it. A login system installed with SSH requires a user to undergo heavy authentication process to tell whether or not the user trying to open the account is authorized.

Imagine that you're a webmaster who needs to do a routine maintenance or update on your server. You are far from the office and a public computer is only the way to go. Accessing your web server through a public computer is totally unsecured. But by installing an SSH before you transfer classified information, any authorized person like you may fulfill your responsibility without having to deal with threats brought by a non-secure connection.

How SSH Works

Once you're logged in through SSH, it will communicate with the remote computer. Because the connection is secured, the two computers will talk and swap information secretly. Should another person try to barge in and collect the details of the conversation, SSH will automatically act as a shield. It will shoo away the intruder by giving only senseless data. If the intruder continues to disrupt the conversation, SSH will simply disconnect. Since SSH is compatible with all major operating systems like Unix, Windows, and Macintosh, you won't have any trouble installing this product in your system.

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